As part of our commitment to keep the public more involved and better informed, we have created a Community Outreach Group for the U.S. 98 project. This group of private citizens has volunteered to work with the Alabama Department of Transportation to ensure we are headed in the right direction. They assist us in providing feedback to plans, suggesting alternatives, asking pertinent questions and keeping the community informed.

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The group was recommended by an independent panel including members from Mobile County Government, Fish and Wildlife and the Chamber of Commerce. The creation of this Community Outreach Group and their independent selection is part of our continued commitment to a Safe98.

Community Outreach Members Phone
Ernie Brannan (251) 649-4042
Jeremy Dogette (251) 401-8566
Sondra McLeod Fincher (251) 689-9563
Alvin Hutchinson (251) 649-4083
Fred Kelly (251) 753-4065
Billy Lucas (251) 331-1727
Charles Hyland (251)-694-3150
Rhonda Stringfellow (251) 331-5583
J. Paul Thrash (251) 421-5902
Lori Deas Williams (251) 510-7853